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  • Had this show up on my CC statement as well. I believe it is a toy merchant at the fair. Bought two toy trucks for my boys at the OC Fair in Costa Mesa, CA and I'm fairly certain this is what the charge reflects. The SQ* means it was swiped with the Square Credit Card point of sale device.

    • Moose on Aug 24, 2017
  • Had 2 transactions from my credit card

    • Famous player 7431QPS on Aug 24, 2017
  • I have been charge on my credit card and I do not have clue what's that. I have to report a froud.

    • Tadster on Aug 24, 2017
  • Some one charged my Card with a transaction that i nerver accept or had an isea about

    • Geo on Aug 23, 2017
  • Hotel na Riveira Turca

    • Sofia C on Aug 23, 2017
  • I also have this question when I got bills but I found out ILM is stand for Index Living Mall

    • Chai on Aug 23, 2017
  • This company is out at the Farmers Market off Sandy Ridge Road Greensboro NC. We bought some homemade pickles from them (label reads Pats Pickles and they're wonderful)

    • Diana Finch on Aug 23, 2017
  • ZYLOM MEDIA GROUP BV SCUNTHORPE NOGBR It''s been 3 months Im asking them to cancel my subscription and they are doing nothing about it. The transaction is always appearing on my credit card invoice monthly. Never subscrib with them ! You are not able to cancel after

    • CLAUDINE HACHE on Aug 22, 2017
  • I do not recognize this charge for $11.00

    • L2G MS Public Safety on Aug 22, 2017

    • EAA LOCKBOX on Aug 22, 2017
  • On Aug. 15th I was charged $295.72. Do not know where this charge is from.

    • Deborah Ceresne on Aug 22, 2017
  • Today we've seen the same charge in our credit card. We have already paid the Soluxe hotel nights. Did they give you the money back? Thanks for the info.

    • AFG on Aug 21, 2017
  • it's bivouac outlet store, probably in wellington

    • george on Aug 21, 2017
  • I think this is the BP service station at Wallan on Hume Hwy. I think this because I did drive up the Hume on the day on my bank statement. Plus I read about this at "What is aa wlln o/bnd 5908 wallan au?"

    • Carol Gardner on Aug 21, 2017
  • i think it is Dick Smith Powerhouse - 8233 is the store number, which was in the canberra mall civic

    • Wal G on Aug 21, 2017
  • // ???

    • darryl on Aug 21, 2017
  • Toledo

    • Mike m on Aug 20, 2017
  • I've bought Scottish wool wrap from them & I was charged accordingly. They are very nice & helpful people. I suggest contacting them & im sure they will make it right.

    • Chandra Huntington on Aug 20, 2017
  • it says the charge being submitted by searching for info? what info?

    • no one in particular on Aug 20, 2017
  • Charged my card the same day that we parked at the airport. Fee was $1 for less than an hour

    • Appears to be parking charges for the Green Bay Airport on Aug 19, 2017