First seen March 13, 2014. Last updated on January 18, 2023.

The credit card charge "AMZN.COM/BILL WA" was first recorded on March 13, 2014. It has been flagged as suspicious by our users.

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Merchant Information

Merchant/Company amazon market place (edit)
Website Amzn.com/bill (edit)
Phone (810) 691-5435 (edit)
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Description 111-2581522-5832235 (edit)


petra c merino on September 02, 2021

i did not ask for a amazon account. I don"t have an account with amazon. please put back my money and cancel what ever draft you taking out. thank you.

amazon market place on September 12, 2021

fraudulent charge

Merle Bierma on November 13, 2021

I did not ask for an amazon account. I don't have an account with amazon. Please put back my money and cancel whatever draft you are taking out. thank you

Edgar on December 05, 2021

Was charged $250.57 for item that i don't know.

Robert Poplar on December 22, 2021

I never received this merchandise. Amazon was trying to get me to set up an accountant and I lost track of their instructions. I never received the merchandise. I was trying to pay by my credit card with BMO. Now you charge me?

Victor Pasielko on January 02, 2022

Fraudulent change. I did not purchase anything. I was charged $499.91 and $59.34. Please refund my money

Sharon Hendricks on January 03, 2022

I am charged almost monthly by Amzzn.com/billWa. What the heck is this for????? I pay to have Amazon Prime with a yearly sign up fee. I shouldn't be charged anything extra. Please return the several charges to my Credit Card

Charles R Jaggers on January 31, 2022

i keep seeing a 14.06 billing on my master card each month. it shows Amazon Prime*zr4ks7613Amzn.com/billWA

Dawn Marino on February 17, 2022

I keep getting charged monthly by AMZ.COM/BILL WA. I do not have an Amazon account. Please return the several charges to my credit card.

Anne Nicks on February 17, 2022

Charge on statement for item I have not received. AMZN Mktp US*YM42LOV73.

Noah Dogbey on February 24, 2022

I have been charged very often from AMZN.com/ bill. I really want to know what the charges are for.

Rebecca Lawson on February 24,2022 on February 25, 2022

and unauthorize charges for 01/18 64.00 (us j69vu60d3), 02/14 28.80 ,( us c86jf2vx3)

edward niskey on March 04, 2022


Sabra C Tatum on March 10, 2022

Four charges from AMZN Mktp on this bill? What are they for?????

jacquelyn P. watts on March 12, 2022

But, It is billed to "Kenneth Watts" who has been DEAD for over 3 years. (2-11-2019) I have sent an email every month. I called - they put me on hold and then disconnected. It has been billed like this for 4 or 5 months. Please, I am not a prime member. He never asked to be one as ] he never went on the internet at all. He didn't know how.

Teddi Lutman on March 14, 2022

I am charged almost monthly by Amzzn.com/bill Wa for $10.59. This is not my amazon prime or paramont + payment, What the heck is this for?????

Barbara Kass on March 24, 2022

Amazon Prime *1W7XR7HY1 $13.77 What is this charge??????

Kay Pavelka on March 24, 2022

I want the $13.93 Prime charge removed from my credit card. I did not apply for this service and I do not need it as I seldom buy from Amazon.

Randal James on March 29, 2022

us*1z6dy6b10 $19.50 and us*1z22a4261 $22.56

Zelma J Gabriel on April 05, 2022

I do not have an active account with Amazon and have not order any such transaction.

brian Freda - Brian Callaway on April 09, 2022

I have a charge of $13.90 on my Visa account for the past 4 months for Amazon Prime and I have no idea what this is for I request this charge is stopped and refund.

Magical Metal Spinners/Windmills on April 14, 2022

Ordered the new magical metal spinner for $60.00 over a month ago and have not received it. My card shows that it was charged. AMZN.COM/BILLWA. #45LJARTDDR9. Says YEN shipping. Any info appreciated. James Weiler

amazonprime*1z1mv5qeo on April 16, 2022

what is this nottttt mine!!! FRAUD

Pete million on April 19, 2022

What is6.99 a month on my card for

Bev Browne on April 19, 2022

I get charged 14.90 for nothing. The bank can find nothing wrong with the transaction. I will never buy from Amazon and never have.

jorge enrique lopez on April 21, 2022

i was charge for two items , never order or received on april firs of 2022

lois wratchford on May 17, 2022

15.89 does not say what for

Amzn Prime Mobile Payment on May 19, 2022

Have no idea what this charge is for it

willie carter on July 01, 2022


Sharan Womack June 22, 2022 on July 09, 2022

Why are you charging my account? You are stealing my money. And you won't refund my money!

Isi Farias on July 09, 2022

July 8th, 2022 Have no idea what these 3 charges on my account I need my money back.

Evangelina Molano Fermin on October 07, 2022

HOLA ! Quiero saber la mercsncia por la que me estan cobrando $427.99en Setiembre 19,2022

AMZN.COM/BILL on October 25, 2022


Theodoros Makris on January 12, 2023

I am trying to find now what is the charge for 1589 and do not have prime TV and it’s been going on for 3 Months I need to talk to somebody for some other charges on my credit card please call me 215-680-4800

Glenda Selonke on January 18, 2023

I did not authorize this debit. Please refund

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