First seen August 24, 2014. Last updated on January 16, 2023.

The credit card charge "COSMOTE SHOP AMAROUSIOU MAROUSI GR" was first recorded on August 24, 2014. It has been flagged as suspicious by our users.

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Merchant/Company COSMOTE ATV (edit)
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cosmote avt marousi gr on September 11, 2017

I have no clue who these people are and just just took $12.09

Katie on October 01, 2021

they just charged my debit card 4 times and i dont know what they are

Shuaib on November 13, 2021

they just charged from my debit card thrice and I found out what it is by this page and wikipedia

Griffin on November 26, 2021

113 charges of $33.70 on my debit card.

Carolyn on December 02, 2021

I get VISA Alert email every time I use my card. Tonight I received the following. I have shut the card down. Your Visa card ending in 2087 was recently DECLINED at Cosmote AVT Telco AN W in MAROUSI, GRC for 30.00 EUR.

Albertus on December 21, 2021

An attempt was made to take the money of my card. I googled. This is a greek Telephone company, I think scammers have gotten cards information and will use this to steal. Be careful! BIG RED FLAG

Dory on December 21, 2021

Just got 4 x $30 dollar charge within a minute. Rushed to my online portal to disable my card and did that in 1,14 seconds... could've got much worse as I see someone else got it 113 times...

John on December 22, 2021

Got charged 3x30 eur from my binance card and I am from Slovakia. Never used card online and I never let card from my hand so I am f curios how they got card details...

@John on December 22, 2021

John contact Binance please, I have the same issue and working on it now!

Dylan on December 22, 2021

J'ai étai débité 4×30 euro de ma carte binance avant hier et hier il on essayer aussi mais il on pas pu j'avais enlevé les sous j'ai contacté binance toujours pas de remboursement et je sais pas comment il font pour ce prélever

STEF on December 23, 2021

Idem le 21/12 4x30 EUROS ONT ÉTÉ DÉBITÉS DE MON COMPTE BINANCE , j ai bloque la carte visa ; en attente du retour de binance

Dzianis on December 27, 2021

Списали 3 раза по 30 евро за 2 минуты, кто такие cosmote atv я не знаю

Giorgio on December 28, 2021

I received a request to debit my binance card today. Fortunately there was no money and it was blocked.

Janek on December 28, 2021

I have no relation to Greece but my Binance card was charged from this company. Luckily payment did not go through as I didn’t have money in the balance. “A purchase attempt on your Visa Card ending in **** was declined at Cosmote AVT Telco AN W MAROUSI GR on 12/28/2021 00:53:50.”

Dori on December 28, 2021

Freeze your binance card immediately as someone has access to it and uses it to this "merchant". I wonder if it only happens with binance cards?

Binance user on December 28, 2021

Got charged for 30 eur from my Binance card. I have never used it online or localy. Reported to Binance support and they are not interested.

Antoine on December 28, 2021

Got a mail saying a purchase had been attempted in this company with my Binance card, fortunately there was no money on it but this is truly scary, be careful y’all !!!! Disabling my Binance card right now

Yannick on December 28, 2021

Same here, never used my binance card online nor in a store and had an payment of 30€ for this company. It seems like Binance card database got hacked.

Jay on December 28, 2021

Same here, never used my binance card online nor in a store and had an payment of 30€ for this company. It seems like Binance card database got hacked.

Mick on December 28, 2021

Hajnalban kaptam 4 x 30 dolláros díjat egy percen belül.A Binance kártyám azonnali letiltása, 25€ rendelhetek újat. De a pénzem visszakapom?

Lucio on December 28, 2021

I found a declined transaction of 30 dollars on my binance card. There was an information leak from binance databases?

Cris on December 29, 2021

Anch'io ho avuto 3 addebiti di 30 euro sulla mia carta Binance da Cosmote Avt teleco An W marousi GR. Mai dato i miei dati a questa gente, mai usata la mia carta on line mai diffuso ibsuoi dati. Binance mi deve spiegare cosa è successo.

Andreas on December 29, 2021

In my case, an attempt was also made to send €30 to "Cosmote AVT Telco AN W MAROUSI" using my Binance Visa card on 12/28/2021. I have contacted the Binance support. The following findings: 1. an attempt was made to use the card with an incorrect expiration date, therefore the transaction was declined. 2. Binance security team has the case on their screen and is investigating it. 3. I am supposed to follow the announcements of Binance to stay informed about this issue. 4. the support staff recommended me to freeze the old card and apply for a new one (it costs 25 €)

John on December 29, 2021

Binance support doesnt give me much info for what happened. I am curious who is this Cosmote merchant and why visa didnt block them when they dont have implemented AML rules... It seams that is not big leak (maybe from card issuer or some invidual from binance). But I am curious what happened. I still waiting for 90 euro refund

Fathi on December 30, 2021

cosmote avt telco an web just charged me 30 EURO these december

Spanish Binance User on December 30, 2021

Order of 30€ at the Binance Card, fortunately was rejected. I'm scared that the next time they could charge something

Mick on January 03, 2022

Ma 2022-01-03 újból megpróbáltak levenni 30€ a kártyámról, ugyanazok, pedig már le van tiltva.

MICK on January 03, 2022

Today on 2022-01-03 they tried to withdraw € 30 from my card again, the same ones are already blocked.

Metoo on January 04, 2022

I also got several 30 € charges from them on my binance card. I also wonder where they got the info since I have never even used the card and the card has only ever been in my house.

Alker Giber on January 04, 2022

Same here, 4x 30€ withdrawals from Binance Card

Steven on January 04, 2022

Same here, 4 charges of 30€ each on my binance card. I'm in contact with support and was issued a replacement card and I'm in the process of claiming the charges back.

Mck on January 04, 2022

Binance dinged card as well 2x €30, looks like a number of similar stories from other users, I would suspect a breach of Binance services to be at fault here.

Daan on January 04, 2022

4x30 euros deducted from my binance card. Never took it out of the house, used it on legit websites only. Binance is investigating and has sent me a google form for this case. Why is a Greek telco frauding for such a long time… seems years! Glad that binance is helping out

Simba Barionuevo Luis Floresmilo on January 05, 2022

Yo Simba Barrionuevo Luis, Solciito la devolucion de los valores que fueron debitados de mi cuenta ahorros banco pichincha, en vista que NO eh realizado ningun tipo de compras.

Diuma on January 05, 2022

I've got 9 transactions, 30 euro each, to this cosmote merchant, starting from 28th of december until 5th of January when I noticed and freezed the card... something is wrong with binance cards?

Frederic A. on January 05, 2022

me too the 28/12 at 4h50 they stole me 4x 30€ on my binance card and i don't know who are this !&$^%#*s.

Binance user on January 06, 2022

4x30 euros deducted from my binance card. Never used it on any websites.

Mick on January 08, 2022

Ma sikerült visszakapnom a 4x 30 Eurót. Aki még nem töltötte ki a reklamációt akkor csinálja. Sok sikert

Mick on January 08, 2022

I managed to get the 4x 30 Euros back today. Anyone who has not yet completed the complaint will do so. Good luck

Tommy on January 09, 2022

I had to freeze my card

Franco in California on January 12, 2022

Jan 11, 2022. Got hit for $34.09. Luckily my Visa supplier was on the ball and notified me. I'll have to get a new card.

Dani Bolivia on April 04, 2022

el 22 de enero hicieron 5 Transacciones por 34$ sin mi autorización, estoy en reclamo con mi entidad financiera y el proveedor VISA

Stacey on September 16, 2022

They charged my card twice on September 15 2022 for 30 EU but my bank declined it. Thank God.

Flor en Panamá on September 21, 2022

Recientemente me realizaron un cargo por $30.41 y no tengo idea esto que es. Ya levante el reclamo a mi entidad bancaria y tuve que bloquear la tarjeta.

Open Sky Visa on December 28, 2022

$30.29 plus an international charge fee! The got me last month and it was allowed to go through :( Shut them downnnnn

Scott on January 16, 2023

Coinbase debit card hit for $32.33, but declined due to low balance. Three minutes prior, the card was pinged for $0.00 by Myne. I last used the card seven months ago. Last year I only used the card at Food Lion, Walmart, Spectrum cable, and Ollie's - all reputable businesses. It's never left my wallet, so I don't know how this happened. Maybe someone got hacked...

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